Friday, August 03, 2007

LamiDesign blog tagged

I was tagged by Materialicious. What's that mean? Well, its sort of like a blogging chain letter. You post some info about yourself, and tag 4 other bloggers. In the end its a great way to discover new blogs as you follow the chain of tags, and that's what its really all about. So without further delay: Four jobs I’ve had: 1. Pumping gas at a crummy old gas station. This was two weeks in my last summer before college. A long story for a short job. To summerize, me and the other pumpers were accused of coming up short on the cash drops and were asked to fork over the bills. I told them I didn't take anything and to shove their lousy job and I spent the rest of the summer at the beach. Didn't hurt my work ethic. 2. Stock boy in a plastic knob factory. Its good to know where mundane things come from and see the people that actaully work hard to make them. 3. Draftsman for a structural engineer. A great job with a great man with a small office near my home. Too bad I was such a cocky know it all... ah well, live and learn. 4. Rod-boy on a survey crew. It was a road resurfacing project, and I got to draw up the entire thing when the field work was done. And you thought they just came out and laid down some asphalt.. Four movies I can watch over and over: 1. 2001 2. The Wrong Trousers 3. Room with a View 4. Star Wars (any episode will do, in fact most sci fi will do) Four countries I have been to: 1. Italy 2. Sweden 3. Germany 4. France Four places I’d rather be right now: 1. with my wife and daughter 2. on the bike 3. driving the Mini 4. with a book Four foods I like to eat: (shout out to Lunch) 1. Pizza from Sal’s in Merchantville - an oasis in a desert of lousy pizza. Owner Vince is from Italy by way of Brooklyn - he makes the real stuff. 2. Any pasta. 3. Universal stuffed dumpling foods that appear in all cultures like ravioli/tortolini, perogi, goyza, various dim-sum dumplings, dolmades... 4. and I'm always up for a good sandwich... Four places I have lived: 1. Troy, NY (college) 2. Rome, Italy (yeah, it was just 4 months, but it wasn't a hotel stay) 3. Philadelphia, PA (after college) 4. Merchantville, NJ (right outside Phila) Four bloggers I’m tagging: 1. Matt 2. Lawrence 3. RYO 4. Don

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