Monday, August 06, 2007

OK(lahoma) Tray House - intro

Today we have some photos of the site of a new 0385 Tray House that has just started construction in Oklahoma. Several sets of Tray House construction prints have gone out since the first house was built, but this is the first one we have gotten some feedback on since then. No knock to the Plat House, but I'm glad to see one of the other house designs getting built for a change. The Tray House is a great design and easy to build. It offers a less threatening face to modern adverse neighbors yet has all the same modern qualities of our other house designs. It is a wooded site in a pine forest. A stone drive leads up a small hill into a clearing. At the far side of the clearing there is the excavation for the basement. That photo is from the top of the log pile. This next photo helps to put the hole into some scale. A good deal of the basement is into rock - sandstone. No problem with bearing - just with digging... Our thanks to the owner for sharing their build with us.

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