Friday, February 12, 2016

0967 XHouse3 hides some surprises inside

The XHouse3 has our MoTrad exterior to make it a good fit even in traditional neighborhoods, but that bungalow friendly exterior gives way to a dynamic modern interior. What is going on inside is the the XHouse3 has a split-level second floor where the master bedroom is about 3ft above the main second floor level. That gives the master bedroom a nice element of privacy from the rest of the bedrooms, but what this does downstairs is allow the ceiling at the living room and kitchen to extend up to over 10ft high. Continue reading "0967 XHouse3 hides some surprises inside"

Thursday, February 11, 2016

0357 Steel Case House inspired by the Case Study House 8

There it is - we've said it. The Steel Case House is inspired by the legendary Case Study House #8 designed by design leggings Ray and Charles Eames. The Case Study houses held the promise of a future of modern houses, an optimistic view of the future unhinged from all the presumptions and baggage about what a house should be like. The Eames house for its part was fabricated out of an assortment of catalog parts made for industrial buildings - warehouse window sash, lightweight steel truss joists, and a factory made spiral stair, all put together in an elegant way into s simple steel box of a house. Unfortunately as we know, the dreams of the Case Study Houses did not play out the way they hoped, but they were and remain a huge influence on modern housing today. For the Steel Case House we took away more than the open spaces and steel aesthetic. The Steel Case is designed to be put together from standard off the shelf parts. While a steel house will never be as inexpensive as a typical wood framed house, the ability to use common products such as windows and siding allows you to control your budget. Continue reading "0357 Steel Case House inspired by the Case Study House 8"

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

0965 XHouse2 is that big living in a small house

The XHouse2 is that house with a small footprint, just 30ft x 30ft, but inside - look, a huge kitchen, a big dining room, a big living area. But its not all tossed in big box. The space is smartly articulated. The kitchen has a niche that allows some of the messy business to take place out of sight. The dining room has its own area framed by the entry foyer and stair. And the living room lives in the junction between the two. The entry foyer, half a level down keeps the front door at a discrete distance from your living zone. And the coat closet and powder room off the foyer keep those functions away from the living space as well. Continue reading "0965 XHouse2 is that big living in a small house"

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

0380 Cube House this is how its put together

From the outside the Cube House presents facades with an assortment of window sizes and locations which may not make obvious what's going on inside, so we're here to shed some light on this. The house is 2 1/2 stories - now that does not mean the top floor has a 4ft ceiling. What's going on is the Cube House is 2 stories on one side, and 3 stories on the other side. Right? So the one side has the entry foyer and home office, and laundry room and kitchen dining rooms, with bedrooms above on two levels, and also a roof deck. While the other side has the living room and the family room above which are both a story and a half tall - with like 11 ft ceilings, high like a loft like space. The organization is surprising, and will continue to delight you on a daily basis. Continue reading "0380 Cube House this is how its put together"

Monday, February 08, 2016

0518 U House living room

Even though the U House reaches out and takes in a huge chunk of the landscape, its actually a pretty compact home of modest size. It tops out at only about 1900 sqft for its 3 bedroom layout, and even squeezes a big mud room and a study/guest room into the plan. But at its heart its a compact design the way we like them here. This view shows the open plan living & kitchen area at the heart of the home. The modest living space is doubled by its relationship to the central courtyard. And by stretching out with the bedroom wings, it puts the bedrooms far from the living room making the house feel bigger than it is. Continue reading "0518 U House living room"

Friday, February 05, 2016

0237 Pretender is not pretending to serve you well

This is the side of the Pretender where your drive way would pass back to a detached garage at the rear of your lot. There is a big window into the kitchen so you can keep an eye on the comings and goings down your driveway. And best of all there is a door right there at the drive. So you don't have to come in the back door through your family room, or going in the front door from the porch. The driveway door does not even go directly into the kitchen - it goes into a mud room, big enough for the kids to drop all their crap, and you to leave your breifcase behind. Laundry is there, so when you come in from planting those new shrubs your dirty pants can go directly in to the works. Continue reading "0237 Pretender is not pretending to serve you well"

Thursday, February 04, 2016

1299 XHouse4, the best example of MoTrad

So what's the MoTrad thing I keep talking about? And what's it have to do with the XHouse4? MoTrad is a mix of Modern and Traditional, leaning towards Modern details and minimalism, and Traditional house forms and profiles. Think of a monopoly house with a peaked roof, that spares nothing for traditional detail and is all sharp lines and crisp geometry. This is the XHouse4. If you google MoTrad one of the first hits you'll come up with is a Pintrest board called Motrad, which I've assembled and I constantly add to. Here you'll see dozens of houses that fit the description, mostly european. Continue reading "1299 XHouse4, the best example of MoTrad"

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

0857 L House is the Giant in our catalog

Our largest plan design, with 4 bedrooms upstairs, the L House is our biggest offering. It can nestle in a wooded site, or sprawl out with a side entry garage to feel big enough for any big lot subdivision. The nomenclature - the L comes from the shape of the floor plan which is shaped like the uppercase L. What that shape does is capture a private living area between the leg of the L and the garage at the other end. This becomes the timber framed glass walled story and a half living room - the reference point for every space in the house. A roomy kitchen off the garage and dining room, a private study at the corner of the plan, a family room you can close the doors on, all adds up to an ideal machine for a big family. Continue reading "0857 L House is the Giant in our catalog"

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

0738 Palo Alto faces the street like it is

The Spirit of Palo Alto home design makes no bones about street live in todays new suburbs. There is none. Face it. People come and go by car, and duck into their houses by the garage. So why do those phone traditional houses spend so much time paying lip service to a street life that does not exist. This is the way things are - we are not saying its bad. We are saying we should acknowledge it and make the best of it. So instead the Palo Alto turns all that phoney street front effort inside, into space you can use, and private outdoor space where you will be glad to spend your time. You will find a wonderful center courtyard that lets light into the middle of the house. And a a great interface to the backyard, where the living room and dining room have big shaded windows to your patio, and the master bedroom has its own back door to a master terrace. Continue reading "0738 Palo Alto faces the street like it is"

Monday, February 01, 2016

0367 Porch House expands for the weekends

When we say the Porch House leads a double life - this is what we are talking about. You've been able to afford this spot of land in a beautiful place, not too far, so you can actually get away most weekends and enjoy the change of scene. Maybe once or twice take a week away there. A little cabin just enough for the family, and enough to afford. But you want to share this with your friends and family, have them out on the weekends, crash for a few day during your summer week there. But where do you put everybody in your little cabin.That's where the Porch House excels - its size doubles in the summer as the screened porch becomes your summer living and summer kitchen. And the porch bunk space allows you to sleep a bunch of friends and guests. Come wintery time, button it up and retreat to the 2 bedroom cabin above. Continue reading "0367 Porch House expands for the weekends"

Friday, January 29, 2016

0970 Lagom House is smarter than the average plan

You'll often find me talking about how the Lagom House is a really smart plan, one that lives bigger than its square feet. Its a 1500 sqft house that packs three bedrooms including a master suite with its own bath, it has separate kitchen and dining + living room, a mud room, a home office, and a homework area for the kids. There are very deliberate strategies for making space brought to bear here to make this small house feel bigger and live larger. In a nut shell, here's the inside word. Number 1: when you have a small space, make distinct spaces within it. In a word a completely open plan here makes one place with kitchen living and dining all in one room. Breaking it up with elements like the stair and screen walls makes more places. And more places always feel like more than one place. Number 2: Make places feel as far away from one another as you can, even when everything in a small house is close by. So, having to walk around a corner to get to one room to another, or up and down to get someplace. Hide things from one another so places reveal themselves as you move, and it makes a journey to get from one place to another. Everything in site makes a very short trip, but destinations you can't see always makes a journey feel longer. This is how you live big in not a lot of space. Continue reading "0970 Lagom House is smarter than the average plan"

Thursday, January 28, 2016

0862 XHouse1 wraps a complex interior in a simple exterior

Last week we had a look at the fantastic terraced interior of the XHouse1. What you don't realize is that richly complex interior is wrapped in a simple exterior geometry. The result is a complete surprise as the you walk in and the interior reveals itself to you. The outside presents this simple wedge shaped prism clad in simple materials. Simple punched window openings for the private spaces contrast with wide glass areas and metal clad surfaces that corresponding with the large open spaces of the plan. So even though the exterior swings simple, it tells a story about what you will find inside. And yes, a great example of this house is built - do you want to see it? Continue reading "0862 XHouse1 wraps a complex interior in a simple exterior"

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

0242 Plat House is the most popular LamiDesign house plan

I'd love to tell you that we knew the Plat House would be our most popular design from the start, but really there was no way to know that a 1400 sqft 2 bedroom house would ever be the most popular offing from our catalog. A small house compared to American averages, and unusual in shape being long and narrow, with a front that downplays street-appeal and throws all its effort into view-appeal. The Plat house exemplifies our Original Collection and has all of the architectural queues that make these designs hang together as a family. The popularity of this design finally led us to offer a 3 bedroom variant which has also been popular. Continue reading "0242 Plat House is the most popular LamiDesign house plan"

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1204 RoHouse is the townhouse for the modern seeker

The RoHouse is here, the modern townhouse for the rest of us who'd rather be modern. This one is aimed squarely at the builders out there, to make it easier for them to build modern multi-unit projects, so that people like you can get a modern house. Because we can't do it on our own every time. In support of that the RoHouse design appears unassuming, but is actually a colossal collection of house plans that come in 2 plan schemes, 4 widths, and 3 heights, configured for twins, urban infill, and suburban townhomes, 48 variations in big and small homes. There is nothing like it in the world of houseplans and our first product marketed directly at builders. Tell the builders in your area you want one! Continue reading "1204 RoHouse is the townhouse for the modern seeker"

Monday, January 25, 2016

Indiana XHouse1 in the snow

A recently received photo from the Owner shows the XHouse1 resting happily in the wintery scene in Indiana. The Owner is thrilled with the energy performance of the house with 100-150$/month in power for this 2400sqft home. We know much better is possible, but its not bad, half of what my old house consumes. However this performance is admirable for a single wythe wall system - the Owner used the USA New Wall "Good" system and fully insulated the house with stone wool. More evidence that strides in better performance can be made without great effort or cost. See all the pictures of the house in its Flickr album. Continue reading "Indiana XHouse1 in the snow"