Tuesday, May 31, 2016

1299 XHouse4 lets go upstairs

So here is the great entry foyer of the XHouse4. Like many classic American houses the entry foyer is also where you will find the staircase for the house. Since we've seen outside the house front and back and side, and the ground floors open living-dining-kitchen space, why don't we take a trip upstairs on the next series of posts for the XHouse4. Come with us! Continue reading "1299 XHouse4 lets go upstairs"

Monday, May 30, 2016

0857 L House upstairs looking downstairs

From the L House upstairs hall a complete overlook to the living and dining rooms, and the backyard beyond. The suburban loft for when you can't quite get your head in the suburbs. Continue reading "0857 L House upstairs looking downstairs"

Sunday, May 22, 2016

great update on the PA Plat House

The owner of the PA Plat House has been at it for over a year, building the house himself as time allows. The house is occupied now, so he's turned his efforts to the interior where he is fitting out in order to make life more comfortable. He's doing some great work on the interior and shared a bunch of photos this week.

The strategy in the kitchen has been Ikea cabinet boxes, custom self-made cabinet fronts, and self-cast concrete countertops. These countertops have turned out beautifully, giving the worktops that heavy substantial feeling that would cost a fortune in stone. The thick edges of the top surfaces give it a substantial feeling.

Leaping off his newly gained experience with self-casting, he's made a tile mold and is casting bathroom tile as well. Outside he's taken up the welding torch to fabricate his handrail posts and is installing cable guards for a great custom cable-rail look.

There are so many great ideas coming together in this house and all very gratifying to see. Check out all the recent photos in the Flickr album. And check out the Plat House in our catalog. Continue reading "great update on the PA Plat House"

Friday, May 06, 2016

0738 Palo Alto living room

Next stop on the tour of the Palo Alto is the living room. Just on the other side of the wood screen from the entry is the living room with large windows and doors to the backyard, and a high ceiling. A strip of narrow windows on the opposite side lets light come from both directions as does the courtyard. Its at once right at the front door, and at the back of the house intimately connected to the rear yard. Which in a nutshell is a snapshot of the unique organization of this great plan. Continue reading "0738 Palo Alto living room"

Thursday, May 05, 2016

0367 Porch House on the lake

If you are lucky enough to have a cabin site overlooking a nice view, a lake, a river, a shoreline where you can play, there is nothing like a house that is aware of your precious commodity, and anticipating your enjoyment of it. The worst thing that could happen to you is a cabin with little windows that you have to strain to look through at your beautiful view. Sleep well knowing that won't happen to you with the Porch House! Continue reading "0367 Porch House on the lake"

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

0970 Lagom House backyard is just right

The Lagom House has a deep rear overhang that provides shelter for a wide patio, the perfect place to oversee your domain. A nice grassy area to enjoy, beds for nurturing plants, a fenced garden for a small farm, a laundry yard to keep the kids and critters out of your clean sheets, all in a tidy little lot. Thats good living! Continue reading "0970 Lagom House backyard is just right"

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

XHouse1 living the dream.

Here it is, the living room level of the XHouse1 - a dream like image created by come clever software. But rest assured, the real thing looks even better. So what you have to do is click the link on the right margin for the LamiDesign Plan Catalog, and from there the link for the catalog's home page. Are you still with me? Good, now on the right below the text are a series of links to social media sites - the last one on the right with the red and blue circle will take you to our Flickr albums. In that grid of albums you'll see one for the Indiana XHouse1. Go take a look at the real thing, no less remarkable than these dreamy images from the clever software! Continue reading "XHouse1 living the dream."

Monday, May 02, 2016

0242 Plat House master bedroom deck

We've been looking at the interior of the Plat House, so I thought for this post we would go back outside. One of the nice features of the Plat House is the deck on the end off the master bedroom. A place to be outside separate from the rest of the deck space on the house, if a hot tub is your thing, this is the perfect place for it. Some have elected to extend the roof here and screen in this porch - a great modification to make the most of this deck space. Continue reading "0242 Plat House master bedroom deck"