Wednesday, October 19, 2005

0357 Steel Case goes Timber!

Finally, introducing the Timber Case House, an all wood version of the Steel Case House. Why oh why would I do this. Well there have been a number of inquiries over the years for a wood version - people who have liked the house but did not want to venture into the exercise of procuring the steel frame; or simply had a preference for wood. On my part I have a fascination with our current engineered wood products, parallel strand lumber (PSL) and engineered roof and floor trusses. This was a perfect opportunity to make a house that showcased this technology rather than bury it in the walls as is so often the case. An interior showing the exposed PSL posts, beams, and wood/steel floor trusses. And the familiar exterior with pressure treated PSL members for the exposed posts and beams. Design prints will be completed shortly, and Construction Prints to follow soon after. I'll announce it here as usual. This will complete the 4 variations of the Steel CaseHouse which I mentioned earlier in the blog. Next I will try to get back to some of the other designs that are in progress.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

0242 Plat House Construction Interiors

The interior of the Arkansas Plat House is far along. The interior work on the Arkansas Plat House is far along now. The drywall work is finished and the interior cabinetry is installed. This has been a popular feature of this house design so I hope people enjoy seeing the cabinets go in. These images really capture the character of the design as portrayed in our renderings. Updated pictures are posted on the Plat House photo set at Flickr. Thanks again to our customers for sharing their progress.

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Friday, October 07, 2005

New EcoSteel house designs

There are variations on the 6040 House and 6030 House in design. We are in the process of designing two variations of the 6040 House and 6030 House oriented towards the narrow dimension for placement on lots with a narrow-deep proportion. Both of the designs are rather luxurious in their program but are laying the ground work for more commodity designs. The particulars of the setting where these will go have influenced the design solution in specific ways. These will be sited towards a view, which also happens to be along the street access side of their sites, and as such they are placed back on their lots to allow for private outdoor space in what is the front of the house. Sort of a backwards arrangement. To facilitate that the driveway and the entry are to the side of the houses. The 6030n is a 3 bedroom design with a deep overhanging porch towards the view and private yard. The plan includes an open living/dining/kitchen area, 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, and an additional room for home office or media. There is no garage in this design and we are providing a separate garage structure. The 6040n is also a 3 bedroom design, with integral 4 car garage - yikes! This house flips the living space to the upper floor to better take in the view. It includes an open plan living/dining/kitchen area, 3 bedroom including 2 master bedrooms, 4 baths, and like the 6030 a room for home office or media. We expect to be creating unique plan variations on these shells for customers on a design to suit basis. Continue reading "New EcoSteel house designs"