Saturday, October 28, 2006

Vermont Plat House - Framehenge

Sunset at the Vermont Plat House Just a few shots of the framing progress on the Vermont Plat House. It reminds me of an ancient ruin as the posts and beams of the wall come together. The tall side is just about done, the low side is begun, and a portion of the bay window area is framed out as well. Fresh framing glowing in the setting sun! Against the dramatic sky. All photos are by the owner. Our sincere thanks to our customers who share their projects with us here.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Vermont Plat House - Frame On!

Framing moves along.. ..even in the rain. A little downpour may have stopped the progress for the day, but it moved along none the less. The upper wall is now being framed out over the steel beam. The snow load for this site in Vermont was somewhere between 40 and 50 lbs per square foot. With the possibility of local variations you err to the higher figure. That beam has to carry the potential load across the entire living room, hence the sizable piece of steel. It will be a unique Plat House, that is for sure.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Vermont Plat House goes vertical

The first bits of wall framing have begun. Just a quick entry for progress on the Vermont Plat House. The first framed wall has gone up, and as carpentry typically moves quickly we will see a lot of progress over the next few weeks. An overview of the slab with the new wall in the background, the steel beam at the living space in the foreground. Protective plywood has been laid over the finished slab as this will be the finished floor surface. And below, a little closer view of the framed wall. This is the wall of the two bedrooms on this end of the house. They each have a door to a screened porch, with a window beside it.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

0242 The second Arkansas Plat House

Just down the road from the Plat House that appeared in Dwell magazine is a second Plat House! Although its hard to believe, its true. Just down the way from the Arkansas Plat House that you watched come together in this blog, and you saw in the October 06 issue of Dwell, is a second Plat House. This one was built by the sister of the owners of the more famous Plat House! They purchased their plans while the first Plat House was underway and it was just completed recently. I just got some pictures of the new one today and can share them with you now. A different builder completed this one and the owners in this case decided to make some deviations from the plans. The house is definitely still a Plat House, but a comparison with the first Plat House, or with my renderings, reveals changes to several design elements inside and outside. The house looks great but its very interesting to see how these changes play out in the feeling of the house's character on the outside, and in the way you experience the space on the inside. Can you spot all the changes? photos by Jelle Kiesling

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