Monday, January 23, 2006

0518 U House living wing begun

The framing of the living wing is being modeled now. The frame of the living room wing is complete leaving the walls, windows, doors, and kitchen fit-out to complete. I had originally intended to document this house with a steel frame, following the construction method of the 0357 Steel Case House but I am concerned that the steel frame is still intimidating for most people. Since the 0404 Pump House will be documented with a steel frame I decided to document the U House with a wood frame. An alternative version can always be created later if you steel frame fanatics come beating down my door.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

U House Progress

The master bedroom wing is modeled now as well. The master bedroom wing also contains a study which can also be used as a guest room. The master bedroom has a small porch off the end which you can see here. The bedroom wing in the background has two bedrooms and a utility/laundry room.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

0518 U House starts production

I've begun working on the design representation for the U House. I am developing the 3d model of the U House which will be used to generate the Design Print Images. The bedroom wing is already complete. And here an overview where you can see the bay windows. And reposted here the small sketch that has been on the Remote House Group page for several years now! I've not forgotten about the Pump House. I plan on working on both of them, however there have been several requests for this house, and I thought I should move it along.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

6030 House Construction Begins

The foundation for the 6030 House is complete. The foundation for the Maryland 6030 House is complete and the steel is being fabbed as I write. I understand the longest lead item is the wall and roof panels and we are expecting the order to be delivered to site mid February. In order to watch the progress (which should be a blink of the eye compared to the 0242 Plat House construction) I have started a 6030 House Flickr set where I will be posting photos as I get them. Here is an image of the completed basement foundation: And to refresh your memory and save you from scrolling back to see past images of the house, here are the last schematic design images we produced before the project went on to detailed development. Continue reading "6030 House Construction Begins"