Sunday, December 26, 2004

stereoscopic viewing

adding depth to 3d images has long been the holy grail of 3d modeling We have all experienced stereoscopic images. We have stereoscopic vision, so everyday sight is what I am talking about. The few inches between our eyes provide a slightly different view point. For any given surface that we see one eye sees a little bit more or a little bit less of it. While the difference is very slight it is sufficient for us to judge distances in 3d space. This is something we have not really been able to capture when we do drawings. While we have gotten pretty good at depicting 3d space the images don't create the sense of relative depth that our two eyes provide. There have been many attempts to provide this vision to flat images, and we are pretty familiar with them I'm sure. With the advent of photography early on there were efforts to make 3d images with special viewers and cameras that took two images with the required offset. We have probably used a "View Master" image viewer which worked on the same principal. I'm sure that you have tried a blue/red filter glasses to view images or movies in 3d. These rely on the filters to deliver the proper image to each eye. More recently this has been done more effectively with polarizing filters on the projectors and viewers glasses. Sometimes the effect can be achieved by simply staring into the distance with the respective images directly in front of each eye. The two images below are such stereo images, each slightly offset from the other. Another way to put the images together into a 3d view does not require you to feed the right and left images discreetly to each eye. Its been found that if the right and left images are presented sequentially, alternating in the same space that your mind will read the spatial depth in a similar manner. If you click on the images above such a sequencing will load. The depth of field in this image will exaggerate the effect - it will look a bit like an earthquake but nothing that will make you nauseous!

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

moving forward

There is always more to do, but what first for 2005?

I have not decided yet. I cranked out three sets of Construction Prints since this summer, finishing 4 total in 2004. For a few months I'm going to just do some work that I enjoy. But for now, over the holidays I'm going to just throw up some images, finish up some of the writing I started, and heck maybe finish the sink saga...

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Monday, December 20, 2004

Architecture Magazine dips a toe

An item in the News section of Architecture Magazine describes my stock house plans. First of all Architecture Magazine is a so called professional journal, meaning that the content is industry specific, the advertising industry specific, generally the kind of thing that only architects are reading. So where as I am eager to have news of my stock plans published, I've never cared much if they were covered in the professional press because I'm not racing to show this off to other architects. Never the less I know I must promote what I'm doing in all directions as press can lead to other press in other locations. I have Architecture Magazine on my press release list along with a few other such publications. When I got a call from the magazine asking questions about what I was doing I was pleasantly surprised. But I've had similar calls before and when the contact did not respond to followup emails just figured it was a dead end as that just happens sometimes. Much to my surprise when I cracked the magazine today there were a few images of the houses in a piece taking an entire page column. I'm curious where it goes and if it generates any interest from other publications who seem to sit on the fence waiting to see who covers what. I feel sort of mixed about the piece which is titled Drops of Modern in a stock-plan sea. I can't decide if the mood of the piece is "hey look at the interesting thing this guy is doing" or "hey look at this guy hitting his head against the wall"! the houses that appeared:

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

more images of hillside house design

I promised to come back with some actual photos of this completed house. Peter forwarded a group of great black and white photos of his hillside house that I had posted earlier. I realize that it is difficult to understand a house just by looking at the floor plans and section - it can be too abstract so I hope these images are helpful. This first image is the living room which is at the lowest level at the back of the house. This gives you a good idea of how the spaces step down the hill and are interconnected. The next photo is from the guest room at the entry level in the front looking back towards the living room at the rear and the master bedroom above. And the exterior, the front of the house next: and then the side, you can clearly see the hill side here: and finally the rear which overlooks the small stream and the garage and pavillion beyond. Thoughts and questions about the house are welcome. I want to convince Peter to do the work required to offer this as a stock plan.

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Tray House Construction Photos part4

More photos arrived today. I've posted three more exterior shots and two more interior shots. The exterior does not look much different but it is nice to see the house from a different angle. The interior shots show the last of the windows going in, and paint beginning to go on.

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Cube House Construction Prints Complete

That's it, the Construction Prints are complete - one more design available!

We are happy to announce that the Construction Prints for the 0380 Cube House are complete and available now. We are very pleased to have it available and look forward to seeing it realized. The completion of this plan crosses another milestone as the anniversary of our 2nd year online slipped by unnoticed. Back in January 2003 we had promised to extend our introductory discount till we had six different plans complete and available. We are very proud that this day has arrived as the 0380 Cube House is the sixth complete design. It is not that we are eager to raise the price, we are just very happy to have at least a rudimentary selection of different designs that can begin to address a variety of different living situations. There is now some choice, and from the beginning creating choices for people who wanted modern houses was our number one goal. The introductory pricing will remain until the end of December for those who care to take advantage of it. Starting in 2005 our two year grand opening will finally come to an end!

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Friday, December 03, 2004

Tray House Construction Photos part3

More progress, new photos I have received new photos from my customers and have posted some on the photo set at Flickr. The house is fully sided and most of the exterior work looks complete. Inside all the drywall work looks done, and wood trim underway. They say they will be in the house in January. One thing I have not discussed relative to this instance of the Tray House is deviations from the plans. These things are immediately obvious to me, and I assume the design savvy readers here will also take note of these things. Deviations are going to be par for the course with stock plans and I don't really regard them with any criticism. I think it is valuable to consider the fall out of these changes however as they can have a ripple effect. If you think these things through you will know better how they affect other parts of the design. Sometimes these issues are purely technical, and sometimes aesthetic, but they tend to get tangled together. For example the builder of this house used roof trusses rather than roof rafters to frame the roof. That in of itself would not necessarily cause other changes, but somewhere in the process a decision was made to support the trusses that were above the bay windows on a header above the window rather than a beam spanning the entire bay window opening at the wall as specified. What this did was create a variety of span points in the trusses which I am guessing make it easier to make the trusses with the bottom cord extending all the way out under the eave. This created a horizontal eave where the design called for an eave that followed the roof slope. It also required headers to carry the roof load above the bay window units which now had to be pushed downward, almost to the floor to make room for them. Small decisions can propagate little changes in this way. We can always help you to think them through so you are satisfied with changes that may result.

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