Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Mexico EcoSteel House - moved in and furnishing

Some new photos from the owner of the New Mexico EcoSteel House today. They have begun to furnish the house, and at last the house looks and feels lived in.

More of the photos in a photo browser after the click-through.

And remember you can trace the entire construction process in the Flickr photo set for this house. Thanks for following, and thanks to the owner for sharing their house.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

3030 House - last window installed

Observant readers may have noticed that the front of the Cabin John EcoSteel house was missing one window unit in the last set of photos. That last window was installed and now the front of the house looks more complete.

This window needed to be modified because it is crossing in front of the floor framing at the vertical column of windows on this side of the house. So although it is a window unit it is not being used as a window - you won't be able to look out of it because it extends down below window sill height, crosses the floor, and ends high on the wall of the level below. In this case the window unit is being use as a spandrel panel. In order for the window frame to be able to cross over the floor framing like this the window jambs had to be trimmed to make the window more shallow so that there was no interference.

Cabin John 3030 House Flickr set

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Letters from Sweden - automation in the factory

When Scott and I corresponded about the Swedish housing industry we often looked at techniques that automated the construction of house components in the factory. Automation was implemented to different degrees in the factories, some using a highly automated process, and others essentially building by hand under roof, but most somewhere in between.

Today Scott forwarded a promotional video from machine maker Randek Bautech. Here you can see a number of the machines in action, forming up studded wall panels, placing, fastening, and trimming sheathing panels, as well as the handling of completed wall panels.
This really should be the future of production housing in the USA. This kind of production is a way that high quality, energy efficient housing can be made more affordable. And just as important to me it is a way that good product design can begin to displace the schlocky amaturish house designs that pass for the status quo in the USA.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

interior almost complete - XHouse1

Most of the interior is dressed now, but I've not worked on the extensive interior hand rails yet.

Here's one crazy fish-eye wide angle sketch of the open kitchen, dining, living space from the far corner of the kitchen.

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Friday, February 06, 2009

New LamiDesign House Plan offered at FreeGreen Open Source web site

FreeGreen's Open Source is a new House Plan site that allows any architect to offer house plans for sale. We think its a great idea and to support them we've posted a house plan set that comes from a past custom design.

Our new house design called the FS House has been shown before on the blog under the guise of Suburban House Project. We have not offered the design in our own catalog because as a custom design it just did not fit in with the design themes that were present in the current family of house designs. For me this is a great opportunity. We've never wanted to force this design into the catalog just to increase the number of house plans, so Open Source is a great chance for us to offer the design. In that spirit it is priced significantly below the cost of Construction Prints from our regular catalog. There are no design prints. Documents are delivered via PDF file download, so there are no paper prints - you print them yourself. There are extensive design images posted at the Open Source catalog page to allow you to become familiar with the design. Documentation is very complete as are all our Construction Prints.

So surf over and have a look at it. Maybe its the right house for you?

UPDATE: FreeGreen has rebranded this as Better House Plans:

0751 RS House at Better House Plans

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

3030 House - panels installed and trimming out

Wall panels on the EcoSteel 3030 House in Cabine John Maryland are all installed, and the windows and panel ends are being trimmed out.

Once the outside is buttoned up the owner will being with the interior fit out. There are a couple of additional photos at the Flickr set for the Cabin John house, so jump over there to see them and the entire series of construction photos.

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