Saturday, February 21, 2009

3030 House - last window installed

Observant readers may have noticed that the front of the Cabin John EcoSteel house was missing one window unit in the last set of photos. That last window was installed and now the front of the house looks more complete.

This window needed to be modified because it is crossing in front of the floor framing at the vertical column of windows on this side of the house. So although it is a window unit it is not being used as a window - you won't be able to look out of it because it extends down below window sill height, crosses the floor, and ends high on the wall of the level below. In this case the window unit is being use as a spandrel panel. In order for the window frame to be able to cross over the floor framing like this the window jambs had to be trimmed to make the window more shallow so that there was no interference.

Cabin John 3030 House Flickr set


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