Friday, August 28, 2009

Modernism in Vermont

We are very pleased to announce the inclusion of the Vermont Plat House on a House Tour of Modern Vermont Houses.

The tour is part of a program organized the the Vermont Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and includes a lecture on September 10th at Middlebury College, and the House Tours on September 12th which are literally all over the state. Its a fairly ambitious tour agenda as some of the houses are quite far apart! The bulk of the houses are nearby Middlebury College however, and its bound to be full of wonderful scenery and nice country drives.

We are very honored to be included on the tour which includes works by some well renowned architects such as Peter Eisenman and Turner Brooks, a long time favorite of mine. The full event poster is presented below. Clicking through will take you to our Flckr page where you can access larger copies if you wish.


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

0751 Suburban House project - model revised

Revisions to the design model for this project are complete and now we can get a better idea of what the finished house will look like.

Site clearing will begin very soon and we should begin receiving construction photos. We plan on tracking this build here on the blog as it relates directly to the two story version which is available as a house plan via Open Source. See the link below.

You will find many more views of the house, and schematic floor plans on our catalog page.

0751 RS House

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

0751 Suburban House project - building permit issued

We have not had any news about this project in many months - well the economy sort of crashed in the middle of the project!

But the good news is that it is back on track, permits issued, and possibly even enjoying a bit of the competitive building climate out there. We will track the progress of this local modern house project on the blog. Remember that the plans for a two story version of this house are available through our catalog.

0751 RS House

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Monday, August 17, 2009

XHouse3 goes live in the catalog

Design Prints are available immediately from the XHouse3 catalog page.

This also brings to an end our summer push for new designs. We'll now be retiring to the "laboratory" to produce the Construction Prints for these new designs. Construction Prints usually take a little bit longer so don't expect the introduction pace to be as rapid as it has been this summer. But we are committed to rolling out these designs and having them available as the economy returns to building houses.

So lets review what has been introduced recently. At the beginning of May we introduced the XHouse1 and the entire concept of the new XHouse collection. Following on that in June we rolled out the XHouse2 design, built upon the previous design of our 3030 EcoSteel House. Then in July we took a break from the house plan work to consolidate the designs work we have done for shipping container based homes, and we introduced the ibu_revolution system for building with ISO shipping containers. With that done we returned to the XHouse collection to document the XHouse3, introduced today. Not too shabby for a couple of months in the summer. Stay tuned for more great things.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

peak at the coming renderings - XHouse3

No surprises here, the images will share the mood and material palette of the other XHouse designs.

Here is the XHouse3, the first MoTrad (modern+traditional form) House in our collection. The renderings are moving along quickly and we should have the design posted to the catalog and Design Prints available very soon.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

modeling of house complete - XHouse3

The primary modeling of the house is done, and now we'll move on to placing it on the site model, adding props and exporting images to render.

Now you can get a good sense of how the house will look, and see a few images of the main living spaces inside as well. This house will be in our Stealth House group as it will fit well into existing and new traditionally planned neighborhoods with narrow and deep lots. With the size just under 2000 sqft for a 3 bedroom home with a home office I think its going to have wide appeal.

The front and rear porches allow you to extend your living outside, and the rear porch can be screened if thats needed to keep out mosquitos in your area. Keep watching - we should have the Design Prints up in the catalog within two weeks.

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