Saturday, August 22, 2009

0751 Suburban House project - building permit issued

We have not had any news about this project in many months - well the economy sort of crashed in the middle of the project!

But the good news is that it is back on track, permits issued, and possibly even enjoying a bit of the competitive building climate out there. We will track the progress of this local modern house project on the blog. Remember that the plans for a two story version of this house are available through our catalog.

0751 RS House


  1. Really like the look of this.

    Kind of a blend of the carpenter's aesthetic with a little mid-century modern, but completely up to date in all regards.

    It also avoids that awful "Television House" look with typical speculative builds that I hate so much.

  2. Thanks for the good feedback. I don't see enough of the recent flood of TV home programs to have a sense of what a "Television House" looks like, but I think I'd enjoy seeing some examples!

  3. Not on TV, just a house built like one.

    That'd be a house that has only one side worth viewing, like a TV (an old tube type TV), though both examples might be suspect insofar as your personal definition of "worth."

    Sorry, just me trying to be funny.

  4. Ok - I follow you now. That's the suburban status quo, where all the "architecture" is on the front and the back is just a vinyl sided box. And the sorry state of things is most people would not even know they could expect something more than that.