Monday, October 20, 2014

XHouse1 First Build - interior the flooring is done

The XHouse1 had maple hardwood flooring installed this week, tipping the scales. It now feels more like a home than a construction site.

Its hard to pin down exactly when a project goes from "construction site" to "unfinished home", but the XHouse1 definitely crossed that line this past week when the maple flooring was installed. Maybe it is the finished floor that really makes that difference. Up until now if you dropped a hammer on the floor, no harm done. If you walked dirt into the house - sorry about that, but nothing damaged. Not so anymore. Now it feels like you are walking around in a house, not a work zone.

I hope you are keeping up with the house in our Flickr album. You can see all the photos that are shared in the ablum, and comment too if you want.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

XHouse1 First Build - front steps forming up

Formwork for casting the concrete steps and landing at the front door of the XHouse1 is going together now. Within a few days the concrete should be poured.

Remember you can also follow the progress of the construction of this house in the dedicated Flickr album. Its never possible for us to publish every photo here on the blog. Our thanks go out to our customers for sharing their house builds!

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