Monday, May 27, 2013

New Photography of two projects

We've been lucky enough to have access to some professional photography of two of our house projects.

It is amazing how much nicer a home appears when shot by a competent photographer. Maybe some day we'll be able to have more customers homes shot this way, but for now here is a sampling of two houses.

First the NJ RS House was shot by the builder, Girsh Development, by his photographer Ari Kleit:

Right now you will find a dozen shots from this set only on our RS House project page at Houzz.

The Vermont Plat House is also the beneficiary of some nice photography by Caleb Kenna:

More great shots of the Vermont Plat House can be seen on the project page at Houzz.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

XHouse5 - Construction Prints complete

The XHouse5 is now complete and ready to order, and ready to build.

Our favorite news is news of new designs in our catalog, so I'm thrilled to announce that the XHouse5 plan set is complete and available for order.

The XHouse5 is the second plan set to implement the high performance USA New Wall and Swedish Platform Framing designs first offered in our Lagom House family of designs. Now this energy efficient design is available in a bigger 3 bedroom house, one with room for expansion in the attic level.

The XHouse5 finds itself in our Stealth House Group as it lends itself to fitting well in existing neighborhoods, as well as new neighborhoods following traditional planning methods.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Arkansas Plat House - floor deck underway

This is the first carpentry step in framing the house. Floor deck goes on top of the foundation, and they you are ready to start on the walls. Then it will really start to look like a Plat House!


The builder is using truss joists, or I-Joists, which is good. The Plat House has an 18ft span for the main floor which is pushing it for regular lumber. The I-Joists can be made stiffer, and the floor less bouncy.

Remember the Plat House comes in both 2bedroom and 3bedroom configurations.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Arkansas Plat House is in the ground!

We are really looking forward to tracking the construction of three Plat House Projects this spring. The first one out of the gate is a new Plat House in Arkansas.

The footers have been dug, rebar placed, and the men in galoshes are pouring the concrete. It is a good day to commence a Plat House!

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Vermont Plat House at sunset

Just sharing a nice photo with you all:

courtesy of the Vermont Plat House owner - thank you!

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