Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Letters from Sweden - Bringing the Message Home

At the end of September Scott Hedges and myself made a brief presentation of our research into Swedish residential construction systems at the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture's fall 2013 conference in Philadelphia. The subject of the conference was Off Site Construction. This was the first formal presentation of our research, and the first step in what will become a more active effort to distribute information about these building techniques.

The conference was well attended mainly by Architecture Educators presenting research into Off Site building techniques. We were among a smaller group of professional and industry speakers invited to talk about current and ongoing practices in the field. The conference did coincide with a meeting of the Modular Building Institute so we did have a small spill over of attendees from the MBI industry meeting.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Maine Plat House - almost finished

I recieved a new batch of images from the owner this week showing a Maine Plat House that is nearly ready for occupancy.

I think this builder moved at a good pace and no doubt will have the owner in their house for the bulk of the fall season, which is already well underway in Maine. Best of all, this batch of photos revealed some nice material and equipment choices for the house.


Landscaping work is going on outside, and we see nice stone pavers and stacked stone landscaping walls going in here at the steps to the deck. But we also see some nice cable rails around the deck. Turns out these are a powder coated aluminum railing sourced by the builder. The same rail system is being used inside to great effect.

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