Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Letters from Sweden - automation in the factory

When Scott and I corresponded about the Swedish housing industry we often looked at techniques that automated the construction of house components in the factory. Automation was implemented to different degrees in the factories, some using a highly automated process, and others essentially building by hand under roof, but most somewhere in between.

Today Scott forwarded a promotional video from machine maker Randek Bautech. Here you can see a number of the machines in action, forming up studded wall panels, placing, fastening, and trimming sheathing panels, as well as the handling of completed wall panels.
This really should be the future of production housing in the USA. This kind of production is a way that high quality, energy efficient housing can be made more affordable. And just as important to me it is a way that good product design can begin to displace the schlocky amaturish house designs that pass for the status quo in the USA.
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