Monday, December 20, 2004

Architecture Magazine dips a toe

An item in the News section of Architecture Magazine describes my stock house plans. First of all Architecture Magazine is a so called professional journal, meaning that the content is industry specific, the advertising industry specific, generally the kind of thing that only architects are reading. So where as I am eager to have news of my stock plans published, I've never cared much if they were covered in the professional press because I'm not racing to show this off to other architects. Never the less I know I must promote what I'm doing in all directions as press can lead to other press in other locations. I have Architecture Magazine on my press release list along with a few other such publications. When I got a call from the magazine asking questions about what I was doing I was pleasantly surprised. But I've had similar calls before and when the contact did not respond to followup emails just figured it was a dead end as that just happens sometimes. Much to my surprise when I cracked the magazine today there were a few images of the houses in a piece taking an entire page column. I'm curious where it goes and if it generates any interest from other publications who seem to sit on the fence waiting to see who covers what. I feel sort of mixed about the piece which is titled Drops of Modern in a stock-plan sea. I can't decide if the mood of the piece is "hey look at the interesting thing this guy is doing" or "hey look at this guy hitting his head against the wall"! the houses that appeared:

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