Sunday, May 22, 2016

great update on the PA Plat House

The owner of the PA Plat House has been at it for over a year, building the house himself as time allows. The house is occupied now, so he's turned his efforts to the interior where he is fitting out in order to make life more comfortable. He's doing some great work on the interior and shared a bunch of photos this week.

The strategy in the kitchen has been Ikea cabinet boxes, custom self-made cabinet fronts, and self-cast concrete countertops. These countertops have turned out beautifully, giving the worktops that heavy substantial feeling that would cost a fortune in stone. The thick edges of the top surfaces give it a substantial feeling.

Leaping off his newly gained experience with self-casting, he's made a tile mold and is casting bathroom tile as well. Outside he's taken up the welding torch to fabricate his handrail posts and is installing cable guards for a great custom cable-rail look.

There are so many great ideas coming together in this house and all very gratifying to see. Check out all the recent photos in the Flickr album. And check out the Plat House in our catalog.

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