Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Mexico EcoSteel House - the house begins

Several days have passed and progress has been made on the garage, and the house has begun to rise. Once again I am going to use the Flickr photo stream to post everything I have received from the owner. There are several different activities you will see in the photos. First off the house frame is starting to rise. Like the garage the first part to stand up are the columns of the main frames. These are set on their anchor bolts and the main roof rafter beams are attached to them. They have all the columns in and appear to be starting the horizontal work on one end and working across. At the house there is an intermediate beam which supports the second floor, and you can see that in the images of the frame. You will also see that there are roof panels on the garage already. The wall panels will follow, but the windows must be installed first. In any case the roof is on the garage and its making shade! And you will find the first images of the layout of the foundation and slab for the observatory. We also have included a few astronomical photos from the owner. The first is a photo of a meteor caught on the night of the Perseid Meteor Shower. They say when this event is a strong one there are so many meteors you can get a sense of the planet hurtling through space! The second is a photo of the Zodiacal Light, which is an omnipresent but rarely observed phenomenon whereby the low level of sunlight reflected back at the earth from cosmic dust is a visible glow near the horizon. Make sure to click through to Flickr to see the full res on these images. Photo browser after the jump.

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