Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Mexico EcoSteel House - day 2

The framing is just about complete, and the wall and roof panels are on the site. Windows are the next step. The windows may not have arrived yet, and so all we see here today is the completion of the frame. I'm going to rely on the Flickr photo stream here so I won't lengthen these entries with lots of photos. The beauty of this remote site is incredible. You can see how it comes through in taking pictures of an otherwise mundane steel frame! In the photos below you will see the garage door openings be framed out with wall girts, you will see wall panels stacked on site (wrapped from the factory to protect them), and an amazing night time sky shot which should explain the why for the observatory! Photo browser after the jump.


  1. Greg, your're right; this site is beautiful. Where in New Mexico is this? Do you have coordinates for Google Earth?

  2. Its in the south west corner of the state - if you find "Rodeo" on a map, its somewhere around there. I have no GPS coordinates for the site - sorry. Maybe you can deduce something from the star view...