Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Mexico EcoSteel House - more photos from Friday

The house is the focus of progress today. Roof panels are going on, and we even see the slab of the observatory poured. I am going to simply post the link to the Flickr photo stream today so you can access all the photos I've received. But I'll comment first on what you will see. There are some detailed photos of the installation of the roof panels which should be interesting to anybody that likes the nuts and bolts of building. The roof panels have a practical length limited by transport and handling, so the roof of the house has a lap seam halfway. In several of these photos you can actually see the entire process of prepping and setting the panels at one of these joints. Also a word about the sequence. At the garage you will remember that all the wall sub-framing went up prior to the roof panels beginning. Over at the house they have not put up any of the wall sub-framing, yet the roof panels are underway. This is because they are expecting the floor joists and they will need open access to the interior of the house to maneuver the joists, so the wall framing will follow. Photos after the jump.

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