Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Contest House taking shape





  1. Love the 2nd floor, and the overall shape of the house. I really like that it seems to have a mudroom as well. I also appreciate how much natural light there is. My only concern is the kitchen. It seems a bit cramped in there-- though perhaps my concerns will be alleviated once we get a more fully fleshed out visualization.

  2. There is a mud room, although it is small. I am trying not to go overboard on the windows for the sake of energy, but I still think the house will feel bright.

    I think the kitchen is a good size. In this sketch the table and chairs are shown pulled out all the way - I think with the chairs partially under the table - the way they are when you sit at a table - there is plenty of room to walk around the table. Its about 13'-3" x 12ft. Not a tremendous amount of countertop, but it is a small house.