Friday, June 01, 2007

A Colorado Plat House

We were contacted yesterday by a Plat House customer that got their plans last summer 06. They sent along a few small pictures of a newly laid stone drive and a cleared site that looked ready for excavation. This is what they said: Thought we would share with you our initial photos for the Plat House we are building in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. We made only a few modifications from the original plans, to account for snow load and wind as the house is being built at 7,000+ elevation. We will send you photos as construction progresses if you would like? So what do we tell them folks? Would we like them to send us construction photos?

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  1. Uh - yeah - okay. I think we're definitely gonna need to see some pics! That is some site!

  2. The pictures of this plat house look like a wonderful house on earth or I said a heaven on earth. Please provide more photographs on the site of the plat house and there framework.