Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Slow Home - a new advocate of our Re-Modern Movement

Today I learned about a great web site called The Slow Home which seeks to establish a movement that is parallel to the Slow Food movement, except in this case mediocre developer housing is the junk fast food. I love this site because it captures the ideals of what I have called our Re-Modern Movement and frames them in values that we all can understand and agree on. Modern homes without pretense, smaller, more efficient, smarter design, earth friendly design, design that is meaningful to you the homeowner in both your home and community. The Editor, John Brown, has built a wonderful site around the idea with thoughtful writing backing up the proposal, and a Folio of architects and designers that he believes represent the ideals in their work. There is a video blog where by he introduces new additions to the Folio, and many of the entries in the Folio include short video interviews with the designers explaining their work. Great leverage of our internet medium - this is a smart site. Must reading is the 10 Principles of the Slow Home, and the What is Slow Home page. I am not going to provide direct links to these - click around and get to know the site. Spread the word to like-minded friends. Remember as I have said before, this kind of sharing and cross linking is how we build our movement, its how we get our voices heard in the marketplace, its how we bend the housing industry to serve us and ultimately to build the kind of houses we want. Credit where due: I found this on this entry at Future House Now. Future House Now saw this on WorldChanging. And if you must, but you should really visit both those links first, here is a link directly to The Slow Home.

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