Friday, June 01, 2007

New Mexico EcoSteel House

I am very happy to introduce a new project to the blog today. Building permits have just been issued for a new EcoSteel project in New Mexico. The contractor has scheduled for the start of the foundation work, and the components should be going out for fabrication next week. First a little background on the project. The site is quite beautiful, located in a desert setting with nearby foothills. The views for 360 degrees are quite amazing and the site is very remote. The project consists of a trio of buildings - a residence, a garage/shop, and an observatory structure. Yes! That's right. More detail about that later. The three structures are located in proximity to each other at one corner of the site. a site mockup with early building studies a composite view with the model superimposed on a site view final structure siting Eventually a covered walkway between the garage/shop and the residence was developed. I will look at each of these structures more closely in upcoming posts. This will be a good way to pass the time till things start happening on site. If everything falls into place flawlessly the schedule puts components arriving on site early July. I'm guessing an 8 week build depending on the size of the crew. Which means our shells should be complete by the end of August. Come along for this project - it should be fun to see it come together.

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