Thursday, May 03, 2007

Vermont Plat House - nearing completion

While we've had our heads down working, the Vermont Plat House has been making time. Estimated completion is 4 weeks. Many loose ends coming together now, but you can get a very good sense of the completed house. Here is the entry side of the house. The metal fascia above the vestibule, and the vestibule itself is not done, but the rest of the exterior is complete. The windows are Eagle, aluminum clad wood with an anodized finish. The owners choices have been very nice. The house definitely feels 2007, yet the characteristics of the house that evoke mid century have been played up successfully. Here is the interior gallery hallway. Concrete floors, and horizontal drywall trims all of the owners work. This is the summer dining room just off the main living space. And a ceiling fan in one of the bedrooms.

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  1. Love the look of the your designs...

    Mark F

  2. Thanks Mark, the owner really has carried the day here as far as the specific finishes. I love the way he used the wood planks from the ceiling on the wall of the summer dining area - and then he has plaster at the top of those walls which will reflect the light from the clerestory windows. Great stuff.