Tuesday, June 20, 2006

working like mad behind the scenes

I've taken a break from daily posting following the finish of the Maryland 6030 House. Much of my blog posting has been about things in the works, or speculative projects shown to measure interest. And many of these have progressed all the way to construction and the realization of the idea. The Arkansas Plat House, The Sage modular, the 6030, those being the most recent. Right now we are very busy with more projects both local and around the country. That's taken all our time, time that in the past we have been able to devote to developing new stock plans, or advancing other ideas and concepts. For now those things are going to have to move a little bit more slowly. Believe it or not I am still working on the U House a little bit at a time, so those new designs will eventually surface. But in the meantime the things we are working on right now will surface sooner rather than later. Because they are not speculative in nature I am holding off on posting about them until things are more final rather than blogging about the design process. I can't wait to share them and its taking all my self restraint.

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