Friday, October 22, 2010

0751 RS House - painted!

The NJ RS House has been painted, and it is a rich and creamy milk chocolatey brown! We just want to run up to it and take a big bite out of the corner!

The movers are schedule for next week and we can both happily, and sadly, call this one done. We will have more pictures, however. I think in the spring when the trees leaf out again I'll try to get another round of photos on a day with a nice blue sky.


  1. so the question begs to be asked.. what was the Sq.Ft. construction cost in the end?

  2. Well the original contract amount made it about 150$/sqft. There was some additional work for fill at raising the foundation level, but we could hold that out as being a site cost.

  3. i know you had it posted somwhere, but i can't seem to find it. What's the siding made of (manufacturer?)

    Thanks, and the house looks GREAT!

  4. I think its the Certainteed version of cement fibre siding panels - weather boards, with fibre cement batten strips. Its nothing proprietary - you can get the same look with any of the major brands. I show this siding on many of my stock plan designs.

    And portions of the facade are done in stucco, concrete grey color.