Thursday, June 04, 2009

In the ground - XHouse2

Its time to do that painting thing over the 3d image exports.

I have to see if I can recreate the same look I used on the XHouse1. Same look, smaller size. I've downsized the rendering's automobile aspirations too. No Audi this time. Its a Honda Fit, and a Chevy pickup in honor of GM's bankruptcy.


  1. Those are PARTY stairs! I would love to throw a party at that house. many lamidesign plans - which one to choose?

  2. Party stairs indeed, you are so right Lora!

  3. Would it cost less or more to build an XHouse2 instead of a 3030?
    I would throw a party at that house too! LOL

  4. There are too many variables there for a straight answer - it depends on what finishes and materials go into the houses.

    The EcoSteel is going to be a premium product with metal siding that never needs paint for 20 years or more. If you put that same kind of siding on a wood framed XHouse the cost will probably be comparable. But if you put inexpensive siding on the XHouse you could make it cost less.

    So no easy answers. The house costs what you put into it.

  5. Greg, what do you know about eco-steel construction with respect to hurricane building codes in Florida. Also, do you think there is any long term issue with steel in Florida-ish coastal salt air?

    Thanks! This is an awesome house!

  6. Your question is very general. Steel structures can be made very strong, so meeting the code requirements in hurricane risk areas is no problem. If you want something that exceeds requirements, that's possible too - the sky, and your budget is the limit.

    As far as sea shore location with steel, steel buildings have always been built in coastal areas with no problems. If you are going to have steel framing exposed you have to maintain it to prevent corrosion. The siding panel warrantee is good in a seas side location and you can always upgrade to galvalume panels if you want even better corrosion resistance.