Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Massachusetts EcoSteel Plat House update

Today we received a few new photos of the Massachusetts Plat House project from EcoSteel. It is far along from the last update we got and its amazing to see it all closed in with windows, looking very much like the Plat House.

Please click through to see a few more photos in a photo browser.


  1. By any chance have you received feedback from this customer on their cost to build this house?

  2. That is a fantastic looking project.
    A few questions:
    What was it like to work with Ecosteel?
    What was the total time to erect the steel structure, not including concrete? How would that compare to stick framing?
    Thanks, I love your site!

  3. I've been working with EcoSteel for 5 years now. They are easy to work with. Erection of the steel package varies per project - depends on the contractor's experience. If you look at all the projects I've posted the fastest is about 6 weeks to close in, others have gone longer.