Saturday, June 06, 2009

Plat House on Dwell Magazine's web site

Back in 2006 Dwell Magazine published an article about our customer who built a Plat House in Arkansas. The article is now also on Dwells new and expanding web site.

The article which appeared in the October 2006 issue of Dwell was titled "Part of the Plan" and was written by Eric Lawlor. He recounts the history of how the owner's came to build the house and some of the trials of being your own contractor. If you never saw the article, if it happened before you found our site, or before you were interested in our houses, then you can jump over to their site and read the article now:

Arkansas Plat House on Dwell Magazine's web site

Photo above is from the Dwell web site and also appeared in the article is by Daniel Hennessy. There are a few more photos on Dwell's site in a slideshow - don't miss them.


  1. Dear Greg: In my first post, I will ask a couple of stiff questions! I am interested in the 3 bdrm. Plat house for our Gulf of Nicoya view lot in Costa Rica. We just sold an actual mid-century with double shed and lots of clerestories, and loved living in the space. Two questions: the entry side of the house is pretty plain. How have others dealt with this in terms of shelter (REALLY important in CR due to rain) and beauty? (Note: excellent natural stone work is available and cheap in Costa Rica.) Also, we would have to have the plans ENTIRELY re-drawn and stamped in Costa Rica to move to building....what is the most cost-efficient way to obtain "mini-plans" from you with this need in mind?

    Your work is wonderful to see excellent modern work being accomplished for the many instead of the few! Sue

  2. Sue - Thanks for your kind comments. I think I can respond better if you would send me a direct email - - and I can ask you some clarifications.