Tuesday, October 19, 2004

modular clients, Sages, start blog

Sara and David Sage have started a blog to track the creation of their modular home. My clients for the modular project have created their very own blog to report on the progress of their own project on LiveModern. They will no doubt give you more info on the nitty gritty behind getting this project off the ground - the things that you the home owner want to know so you can get your own project to happen. I look forward to their experiences. Reading the first two entries today is fascinating. The architect is only a small part of the process and Sara's description really hits that home. I think there will be a lot to glean from watching this. One of the color studies we did with Sara's colors. I'll tell you - to me its humbling. Doing a good job with the design of the house is important no doubt, but it is just one part of the whole process. The factory, the on-site contractor, and as you will see, the client must be masterful with their roles as well.

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