Monday, August 12, 2013

0862 XHouse1 - Construction Prints complete

We are thrilled to officially announce that the Construction Prints for the0862 XHouse1 are complete and now offered on the catalog page.

The XHouse1 came into our catalog in 2008. The housing market had already blown up, and nobody was building houses, let alone modern houses. The design was posted to the catalog, spurring a new Collection, and shortly thereafter somebody had ordered a set of the Design Prints. Then 5 years passed without the release of the Construction Prints.

So how is it that so many years later, we finally complete the work on this design? Well, its simple really. What happened was the customer who got Design Prints so long ago came back and said they were ready to build the house, that is if Construction Prints would be published. So we entered in to a Pre-Order arrangement whereby the customer made a deposit, we completed the Construction Prints, billed them the balance and shipped off the plans. All done within a matter of weeks. It is that easy. That is all it takes to move that final step from a design on-hold, incomplete in our catalog, to being done and in the customer's hands.

But why was this house one of the designs left incomplete? Well it had nothing to do with the house design, whether it was big or small, or red or green. We've expanded our product offering greatly over these fallow years of the housing bust. We chose to concentrate on laying the foundation for more energy efficient home building and the technology behind that. And so it was important to push new house designs which incorporated this focus all the way through to Construction Prints. To do that I've left several prior designs incomplete.

But we were never leaving these house designs behind. And it always remains a simple matter to complete one for a customer when there is the demand. So if you are clenching your teeth because the house design that you want is unfinished, don't delay. Contact us to arrange a Pre-Order, and you will have the plans before you know it.

And so here we are. Today we introduce the Construction Prints for one of the most interesting houses in our catalog, the XHouse1. The house with the simple exterior, but a rich and complex interior, like a wooden puzzle of interlocking parts.

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