Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Mexico EcoSteel House - railings installed

The handrails on the stair and all around the second floor of the New Mexico EcoSteel House are installed and they look great. I had gotten very used to lookng at the stair without a rail, and I was afraid that the rail would somehow complicate or spoil the spare look of the stair. Well it did not turn out that way and I think this is why. The rail that was picked is a stainless tube rail with cables so its very light and transparent. Also the brightness of the stainless really separates it from the grey vertebrae and ribs appearance of the stair. If the rail had been painted steel work that matched the stair I believe it would have compromised the lines of the stair. More photos below the fold.

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  1. Wow, that really is some house, and the stair railings do look awesome.

  2. Can you tell me more about the finished flooring you used? I love the look...


  3. Ryan/Susan - I did not pick the finishes. With my EcoSteel projects I usually am only doing the big decisions with the architecture, and the owners working out finishes on their own, or in this case with an interior designer.

    That said I think its a large ceramic tile, or it may be stone slabs. You could click through to the flickr set if you want - there are pictures there of the floor being installed and you may be able to tell.

  4. Many thanks Bara, for the kind words and the link back!

  5. Do you know where they got the railings or who the manufacturer is? They're really great!