Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Mexico EcoSteel House - ready to move in

This is it! There are only a few items left to complete and correct in the New Mexico EcoSteel House. The owner has their CO and is moving in. They sent along one last round of photos of the empty house taken with a very wide angle fish-eye lens. More of the photos in a photo browser after the click-through. So this is it. Perhaps we will see some photos of the place with furniture, but this project is coming to a close. Its been very exciting to see it come together, and the owner has been very generous with their photos. Our thanks to them for sharing their house with us, and you our readers.

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  1. I like it. And it`s in mexico. Wonderful.

  2. Hey Greg, any plans to show it furnished? Would love to see what they do with it! BTW, I live in NM now, so nice to see one of your houses here. :-)

  3. Nothing yet showing furnishings. I'm sure they are still working on that, but I'll touch base with them in a few months and see how they are coming along.

  4. We're slowly adding furniture to the house while working on landscaping as well. My wife and I decided that getting all the furniture would take as long as it needs to take. So we've been living in the space to feel what it needs. We actually have most of the furniture on order (and some of it is in), that is good news. I will try to get some pictures of the house as it is currently furnished tomorrow and I will send them to Greg.

    Steve & Cindy Cullen (owners of the New Mexico house)

  5. Thank you so much Steve.

    That sounds like a smart strategy for furnishing. Most people furnish a house over a lifetime - its very hard to fill a house with furniture and have it work for you on the first shot..