Wednesday, March 23, 2016

1299 XHouse4 here's the whole deal with that detached garage thing

So this XHouse4 is all about the traditional neighborhood development pattern, which generally means a narrow deep lot with a freestanding garage in the rear portion of the lot. So what is with that, and why would you want that when we are all so used to having our garage glued to the house and being able to come right into the house from the garage? The gist of it is that it reflects a different  priority, the suggestion that getting around by car may not be the most important mode of travel. Oh sure, it may be necessary and unavoidable, but not the favorite by any means. And if you've ever had the pleasure of living in a small town where you could walk downtown to a small business district, well then you know what we mean. Once you've shed that garage and put it in its place your front door can once again take center stage in its role as your connection to the street and the world at large.

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