Thursday, March 10, 2016

1201 XHouse5 step inside for a moment

Please, come on in. I know you've been reading about the XHouse5, looking at the exterior images, so please come in and see how it lives...  The home provides true open plan living, but puts the kitchen in a discrete niche off the living and dining areas, so, you know - you can give it a rest and let your dirty dishes accumulate just a little without their beady little eyes staring out you endlessly, muttering "waaasssshhh usssss, WAAAHHHSHHHH USSSSS". You won't see them, so cut yourself some slack - they'll still be there later. Where was I? Oh yes, so we have an ample living space here, two sitting areas to live in, and the room to expand the everyday meal table to a large holiday table. But beyond living and dining the ground floor also metes out a home office/study and a functional mudroom with a home desk.

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