Friday, March 18, 2016

0367 Porch House morning after

You roll out of bed in the master bedroom of your Porch House and you can already tell its going to be a beautiful day on the lake. Your buddies and their families rolled in late last night because of course the traffic was bad getting out of the city. And then you stayed up way too late around the fire pit, too long after the ladies bailed out. The kids are already down at the water tossing stones and the ladies already have the coffee on - they are the best. So, time for the guys to cook breakfast for the girls this time. It will keep us out of the bathroom for a while and give the ladies a chance to do their thing. Yeah, another bathroom would be convenient, but what the hell - you got to rough it a little. If life in the cabin was as convenient as staying home it wouldn't really make any sense.

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