Monday, December 27, 2010

MoTrad House - finishing up under foot

Everything that needs to happen below the ground floor is finishing up this week while we all enjoy the holidays. Posts and beams to support the existing ground floor, and what will come above are now in place, and they are preparing to waterproof the foundation so the earth can be backfilled.

There are a bunch of new photos of the nuts and bolts of this work in the extended post below. If such things interest you then by all means click on through.

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  1. I am an optometrist and full time missionary in Haiti. We have an orphanage and multiple eye clinics along with other community developement projects. We are looking to develop a mission on a piece of property we are in the process of buying. As we looked for buildings to put on the property in an efficient and yet attractive way, your designs keep coming up. I love several of your ideas and would like to see if we could get a plan to help us design a system of buildings to fit on our property located by the ocean. It will have a mission house for my family which includes 5 kdis. Also at least two houses for the orphanage and 2-3 small houses for mission groups and workers to come and stay. We want to use concrete for the structures with tin roofs. Two level buildings will be good to save space on the property. Thanks for any input.

    Kerry Reeves

  2. Kerry - you should email me directly to discuss. Follow the link top right to our catalog and there is a contact link in the footer.