Thursday, June 17, 2010

0751 RS House - siding and fill

Siding is going up rapidly, and the water proofing now complete earth is being placed around the house. Its finally starting to sit in the ground the way it was meant to.

The rough-in of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC is moving along. When they are complete insulation is next. Outside the siding is almost complete. The next steps outside will be stucco and veneer stone.

Plans for the two story version of this house design are available through our catalog page. Remember, this design is offered at a much lower price than the rest of our plan collection. Check it out.


  1. Not sure I understand why they built it above ground, and are then filling in rather than sinking it into the ground in the first place. I assume it saves money?

  2. No - its the soils. To have the septic field drain properly its located on the highest point on the site. In order to get the house to drain to the field it has to be above that. So the house ended up high, and next to the high point instead of on it. So fill baby fill.