Tuesday, March 30, 2010

XHouse3 Construction Prints officially in production

Contest fun is all over now, so its back to production work to get all the great designs we have in Design Prints available in Construction Prints.

Next up is the XHouse3 design. Three bedrooms, a home office, 1,986 sqft, MoTrad modern traditional fusion design. Order now, and we'll push it out the door for you faster than you can say anti-mcmansion 5 times. Above, house section sheet from the Construction Prints underway. Yes, thats right, if I'm up to the sections that means the plans and elevation sheets are already laid out waiting for notes. Its closer than you think.


  1. Love this design, even though you lose so much living space and volume upstairs to the roof's slope. Still, I like that you've incorporated functional areas like home office and homework space - these niches are a practical necessity often overlooked in smaller modern homes making them function more like vacation retreats than everyday dwellings.

    Will visit again!

  2. Thanks Anne-Marie.

    Sounds like you were commenting on the Lagom House with the homework desk upstairs, and the home office niche downstairs.

    This post is about the XHouse3, which has a dedicated home office space downstairs that you can close a door on. Similar roof scape with the dormers - the Lagom House and XHouse3 designs share the dormer configuration.