Tuesday, March 02, 2010

could not have described it better...

First day of voting, first comment on the Lagom House contest page, and it hit the nail right on the head. I could not have described it better, more clearly, or more convincingly. I just don't think these words would carry the same weight coming from the guy who designed the house.

3/2/2010 James: I voted for this home. After spending a lot of hours over the last few days pouring over the houses, I kept coming back to Lagom. There are a lot of really cool houses on this site, but most don't stand up to scrutiny. They aren't designed for real people in real families living in a real neighborhood. And given the number of exterior corners, floor-to-ceiling windows, high-end finishes and innovative (read costly) construction details I see, many of these “starter” homes would cost at least twice what Lagom would. This house offers the versatility needed in a starter home for young professionals. It's innovative, yet eminently practical and livable. It's inexpensive to build and maintain. It nicely combines public, semi-public, and private spaces. It easily provides more context than any other home in the contest. Other contest houses are probably more likely to be featured in Dwell and unhappyhipsters.com (check it out), but this home is the one that I could have afforded and enjoyed most when I was starting out. Good work, Mr. La Vardera!

This is a person who gets it, who understands what we are doing with the Lagom design. They understand that the point is not to design the house that has the most "Design" in it, but rather to design a house that people can actually build, that they can actually afford to build, and yet still inspire with its design. That's what we've set out to do, not only with the Lagom House, but with the entire Lamidesign House Plans venture. Its very gratifying to see somebody understand and appreciate it. Thank you James.


  1. Hey, I get it! And voted too!

    But you really did a fine job Greg. You're rather innovative use of space sets the plan apart before one even gets to the other design elements.

  2. Well then Kudos to you too! Thanks for your vote.

  3. and look- today you made it up to the first page of "most voted!" Congrats!

    And I have to say, beyond the design of the house, which is fantastic, your representation of the project is unmatched in the contest. You are clear, concise, and simply well documented. Others are more interested in full-frame fancy rendered images, but there isn't any real meat behind them. You have great images, easy to read and yet informative diagrams, and well written text.

    My Architectural Representation professor would give you an A+. Nicely done.

  4. I humbly accept your praise, but please don't show it to your Representation professor. My hide is not as tough as you students!