Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The time has come to Vote Lagom House!

The voting has begun, and now is the time we humbly request your support. If you are a reader of our blog, a fan of our house designs, a customer past and present, somebody waiting for their chance to have a modern home, then please lend me your support with a vote for the Lagom House!

And after you have voted then please, a friend or family member that is also a fan of design - drag them in on this too! Send them a link and tell them to vote for your favorite modern house plan vendor, you know that cool house I was telling you about!

If you've not gotten plans yet, are still waiting for your modern house, or you are hung up with the economy, whatever stands in your way, this is a chance to be part of the story now - no waiting!

In the end this is just another bid by us for bigger voice in the housing industry, another step towards making the modern house more accessible to the people who want one. What we want to see is for small builders and developers across the country to witness the support for this cause, to see the fans and followers of a modern house plan vendor to receive such passionate support from people who are struggling to someday have a house like these. We want those builders and developers to sit up and notice that there is strong and passionate demand for this kind of house, and it would benefit them to serve this market. Every single modern design entered in this contest can help in that regard, but we sincerely believe that we have the strongest voice - because of all of you.

So please - go and vote for the Lagom House. And browse all the entries and vote for all the ones you like. There are so many cool house designs here, it will make your head swim!

Voting is simple - click the button near the bottom of the page, enter your email and the captcha spam buster, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to click, and you are done!


  1. freegreen site takes FOREVER to load. Its too bad cause this looks like a really cool competition and some killer designs, including yours.

  2. Yeah - they are slammed. Please try again tomorrow, or the day after.

  3. I kind of don’t like the front view, but I love the rear yard view.

  4. Yes- the contest version is without porch roof, which if you look at the images in the catalog shows the house with the porch roof in place. Although I do have to confess that I am fond of the severity of the relatively blank tall wall..!

  5. Completely off topic, but are the flower pot holders around the windows your own design or are they based on an actual product? Love the look of them.

  6. I just made up the holders for the model, but I'd hesitate to claim that anything approaching "design" was involved. Not sure if you could find anybody making these, but a local metal worker no doubt could fabricate something for you.

  7. Where can I find more information on this? This Lagom is EXACTLY the architure of my house!~ Love your site : )

  8. Not only are the Construction Prints for the Lagom House done and available now, but there are three versions of the house:

    The original 1.5 Story for the south side of a street.
    The 1.5 Story for the north side of a street.
    The 2 Story version.

    Contact us if you have questions on any of these.