Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Contest House - quick walk through the house

Take a quick walk around the house with me.


In the living room - I need to add some color to the foreground furniture, hmm..


Over in the kitchen - I think there is plenty of room even with a table.


Come upstairs to a bedroom - this is the master bedroom, not gigantic but fits a queen.


Upstairs hall - the window seat at the top of the steps, linen cabinet, and the homework desk.

Ok folks, its officially time for me to start lobbying you for your vote. When voting opens on the FreeGreen site I will be posting links and humbly asking you to vote for the Lagom House. Contests are to win after all, and even though this design will always make its way into our catalog it would certainly be nice to have a contest win as a feather in its cap. Stay tuned for me to beg your support.


  1. Very cool interior visualizations as always. The built ins are very cool.

    A couple questions:

    Can a dishwasher open up and not hit the table/chairs?

    I notice that the refrigerator in the kitchen is shown as a top freezer. Is there enough space to open the wide doors with the table there? Maybe a side-by-side would fit better. Also, unless you get a really expensive built-in refrigerator, most are 6"-8" deeper than the countertop depth. Is there enough space between the fridge and the window so that the fridge won't block the edge of the window?

  2. good questions.

    I think with the chairs "in" the dishwasher door can open. Its also possible to swap the sink and dishwasher to bias the dishwasher towards the counter corner. Also a rectangular table can change this dynamic. Understand the kitchen layout is very loosely designed so people can work to their own preference.

    The fridge is of course open to the owners preference! I just have a top freezer model. But I agree that the smaller doors of a side-by-side leave you more options for the table position. And the window is about 6" off the cabinet face - enough for most frig's.

    We have a not-built-in 24" deep frig in our house btw, and I thought that was becoming a more common option. You loose some storage space of course, but its simply an Amana model, while not cheap it was no where near the cost of a built in.

  3. I think that I would consider a table pushed up against the stair wall in the kitchen or possibly a fold down table, which would be very Sweedish by the way.


  4. That's true - a table with fold down leaves would allow the table to shrink when it was not meal time.