Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contest House - progressing on site, stay with me

I know I'm going to lose some people here I'm sure, but this is where we insert real life into the modern house picture.

The lot model coming together. Still with the rough massing model but the major elements in place here. House is close to the front, minimizing front lawn and making more space in the back. A veg garden or chicken run if you will is along the back, along with our small drying yard with our favorite suburban icon - the whirly clothes line. Not visible behind the garage is a small work+rubbish yard. The wedge shaped garage sports a basketball hoop, and we have a decent size lawn for play or space for gardening. Immediately against the house and partly under the shelter of the deep overhang is a small terrace. Table and chairs can live outside the kitchen here, and a grill of course. Some more lounge like chairs by the living room completes the back yard.

Meanwhile out front we are tapping a host of domestic stereotypes without irony. A white picket fence lines the sidewalk. A useful divider I think when the front yard is fairly shallow. A front porch - terrace really gives you a place to watch the neighborhood, and yes I know this is begging for a porch roof. It will get one in our catalog, but do without I'm afraid for the contest. Some Adirondack chairs on the porch look welcoming. A few cars in the driveway - a thrifty Honda Fit, and a pick-up for those DIY projects and just moving stuff. Since this is just a progress image - screen grab, I am showing the wind mills just to amuse myself. I will be omitting them in the final images. But love their contrast with the rest of the domestic scene - ultimately this is the way it has to be, right? Our solar panels and flower boxes with have to live together, and more and more that is what will represent a complete domestic picture.

People - we need to populate the model with people. More about that coming.


  1. I'm liking it more now that you've added context. The windmills are growing on me, too.

  2. The windmills, window boxes and basketball add a level of articulation that makes the door look week by comparison. Tom Emerson

  3. I'm liking how this is coming together. The yard plan is well thought out.

    I agree the porch could use a roof for shelter, to lend weight to the entry-way, and break up the mass of the front facade a bit. If not feasible, perhaps a porch light and mailbox might add a bit of weight.

    Another unrelated thought: one run of eavestrough could collect into a rain barrel for watering the garden and planter boxes.

  4. Two great ideas - yes.

    I'll put an appropriate light fixture on the wall above the door, to call it out and to forestall the porch roof. And yes - single slope roofs were made for rainwater collection. I think I have a rain barrel in my object library, and I'll have to add a gutter.

  5. Greg :

    I think you HAVE to add the porch roof! The jury will slam you for not having it and in many areas it is required by code.

  6. If you all keep twisting my arm its going to break off!