Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Contest House - new contest images

We've created more progress images of our Contest Graphics, this time showing the front and rear of the house with people, and spinning wind generators!

The front yard much as we've shown it before, except for the owners talking with their neighbors that stopped by.

And the backyard again much the same except for the owner firing up the grill while the gals check out the garden.

We have also created a tile that discusses the ideas surrounding the layout of the yard, and our assertion that backyards should become useful again.

And we have added a tile to show the neighborhood, and introduce the plan variations for alternate street orientations for the house.


  1. Greg:

    Excellent Graphic Presentation! Looks like you have a winner on your hands.

    I am wondering what software packages you use. It appears to be Sketchup and Layout. Is this correct?

    I appreciate your ability to communicate so well and to describe your plans in easily understood ways.


  2. Thanks FDO. Yes, I use Sketchup for my sketches, but I've not gotten my feet wet with Layout yet. I use my drafting CAD to layout my drawings - PowerCadd.

    If we do well in the contest, great. If get some of these built by people that want a modern home - Winner!

  3. Thanks Greg:

    I appreciate the information. Look forward to your next project posting. Any ideas on what your next project will be?


  4. After this I'm back to completing Construction Prints for the unfinished designs in the catalog. I took a break to do this contest, but I promised to get those other designs to market and thats what I'm going to do.