Wednesday, May 06, 2009

its a wrap - XHouse1 posted to the catalog

After messing with the images for several weeks it was just time to get this show on the road. Design Prints are done and available immediately.

The XHouse1 at


  1. Greg,
    I always enjoy seeing your new plans and am generally a fan. I especially look forward to seeing your upcoming XHouse ideas. A couple questions about this house, coming from just a guy looking at house plans: is a fireplace really part of a house of the future? Will having all the bedrooms open onto the common space make the house feel smaller than it is?

  2. The fireplace? Well its definitely a part of the here and now. Remember the idea of these houses is to look forward. Being forward, well feigning some future conclusion always turns out wrong, and quickly looks dated. So a fireplace is certainly of the here and now. And this is obviously a prefabricated insert, and if a wood stove variety could provide a good portion of the heat for the house.

    The bedrooms are close by the living areas, no doubt about that. But because of the change in levels, and the winding path to reach them I believe that they will feel like they are in a different place, even though near by. This is part of the duality of the design that I describe on the catalog page.