Monday, May 11, 2009

3030 House - making progress

Hand rails have been installed inside and outside of the house now. The owner is contemplating LEED certification which may delay the closing in of the interior walls. This will be our first EcoSteel project to under go LEED evaluation and I'm eager to see how the steel construction falls within the criteria.

LEED certification best done from the outset of construction, really from the conception of the design, but in any case for work built and in place the walls need to be open so the construction methods and materials can be verified. This means that the close in with wall board and the installation of other finishes will be delayed until the audit can be completed.

More progress photos follow after the link.


  1. Is there a floor plan available online to view? Also, do you have a structure-only price per s/f estimate?


  2. You can see schematic floor plans in this post:

    You should contact EcoSteel directly regarding pricing. They can't give you exact pricing because the structure will depend on your location, but they can give you a ball park. Email me direct for more info.

  3. Thanks - would like to email direct, but need your email address.


    this message will self destruct in 24 hrs ;)