Tuesday, April 28, 2009

first take on interior views - XHouse1

Opinions please: do you like A. the saturated, grainy, high contrast version, or B. with more subdued and even tones but more highly patterned walls surfaces.


  1. I'm digging A. It's more palpable. The depth is felt. B is ghostly.


    Loving the first spring in our house. Thinking of building another house on the lot next to ours for guests. Porch house is what we are leaning towards.

  2. Hmmm, I can read the space in A, but it hurts my eyeballs. Tough call. Maybe they both might be trying just a bit too hard?

    Really liking the space though - good stuff!

  3. I like A better, but at first glance, I could tell better with B at what I was looking at...

  4. yes, I see that too. Somehow the saturation detracts from the depth of the image - it becomes more graphic like.

    I think in the final image I will keep the saturation high but dial down the yellow tint. Hopefully that will land somewhere between the two images.

  5. I fink about house what i want build, and today I find it's. I don't know when i will start but I'll do it. Thanks for plan.

  6. Udav is having a little typing problem there but we get what he's saying and we love it!

  7. I am from Ukraine is it possible build XHouse1 in Ukraine? How do you think. And i have some interesting ideas about this plan. Can you give me some more info about it. Or your E-mail for conversation?

  8. Udav, yes, its likely you can build the house in the Ukraine but there are a few concerns.
    - first the construction plans for this house are not done yet. Later this year I hope to have them complete.
    - second, my plans are documented for USA building practices. You will have to adapt them to the standards for building in the Ukraine. We do not intend them to be used in other countries but you are welcome to attempt it.
    -Third, the structure is designed for snow loads that are in my region. You will need to revisit the structural design for your region, floor loads, etc - you will have to confirm that the structure is adequate, and if necessary resize anything needed from the foundation to the roof rafters.

    contact me by email at plans@lamidesign.com