Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3030 House - site visit

I visited the construction site of the EcoSteel 3030 House in Cabin John Maryland this weekend.

There had not been a tremendous amount of progress since the last photos received from the owner, so instead I concentrated on taking some pictures inside the house since we have not seen much of that to date. The Owner is also the Builder, and other project commitments have been keeping him from beginning the wall panel installation. The house looks good and the owner is being exceedingly careful with their work, very nice to see. Click through to the extended post for more photos, and a short video from the site.

It was a windy day, and I'm afraid the mic on my camera is not really cut out for adverse conditions. The audio clears up into the video.

As always be sure to visit the 3030 House flickr group to see the entire construction process to date.

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  1. The interior views are very cool!

    You don't see any reason why the house couldn't be fitted PEX-based hydronic radiant heating in the floors, do you?

    I'm not sure how much additional floor depth it would create and whether the design would accomodate it.

  2. You can definitely do radiant floor heating. This owner went for wood deck, but more often than not we do steel deck with a slab, a boone to doing radiant on the second floor.